Friday, November 28, 2008


this time The Drawing Room has become slightly more glam as we've been invited by the excellent Josh to drink'n'draw at this fabulous night - just dress to impress (see dress code) and bring your drawing supplies. Yes it's on a saturday evening, but the good news is you'll be brilliantly attired for the rest of saturday night, flatteringly flushed with excitement and slight inebriation, plus those ink stains and paint smudges will make you look mysterious and interesting and attract handsome strangers like flies to cream cakes.

BTW - although billed as "stoke newington airport" the Drawing Room still is a georgiaJ/stephvr production.

(dress code small print says: Fez's, white tuxedos, bow ties, patent leather shoes, MuMus, Daishikis, zig zags, sequins, Dutch batiks, Cossak pants, fedoras, boleros, turkish slippers, ballet shoes, bangles, beads, smoking jackets, wedge espadrilles, satin playsuits, silk pyjamas, or your own effortless style as long as it's très chic!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008